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Zagone Studios

Primeval Vampire

Primeval Vampire

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Elder vampire with attached wig. The Zagone Studios Bloody Primeval Vampire! How did it all start? Was it a bat’s bite, a magic spell or just pure evil!! Primeval! You start with a terrifying awful Human Being. The Cannibalistic king of an Eastern European Village during the Dark Ages. Always inflicting terror upon his subjects and then slowly draining them of life before devouring them. Slowly subjecting his wards to torture and bloodlust by nightfall and with each passing horror he became a little less human and ever more evil until one morning he could no longer tolerate sunlight and was banished to the shadows. Centuries pass and the evil keeps growing to the point that he can only exist by the blood of innocent human virgins. Now don the mask and become the Primeval Vampire!. Vampire, Monster Zombie.

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