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Pride Ghost Face Adult Costume

Pride Ghost Face Adult Costume

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Official Ghost Face® Costume and Mask What's Included Mask Hooded Robe Belt Gloves Available Adult Sizes One Size Fits Up to 6'/200 lbs.

The Pride Ghostface costume epitomizes the bone-chilling malevolence of the iconic Scream horror movie franchise with a special ode to the Pride flag. Draped in a sinister cloak of inky darkness, this ensemble obscures the wearer's identity, a nod to the relentless pursuit of terror in the films. The pallid, haunting mask, marked by its ominous, vacant eyes and twisted, macabre smile, exudes a sense of dread that blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality. With a billowing robe that mimics the very essence of fear, the Ghostface attire exudes an unsettling air of danger, cementing its status as a timeless choice for those aiming to channel the heart-pounding intensity of the Scream universe during Halloween or any occasion that demands a spine-tingling thrill.

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