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Ghoulish Productions

Creepy Patriotic

Creepy Patriotic

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Creepy Patriotic Latex MaskMade of ultra resistant latexHand paintedUni-Size (Adult)Excelent for any party. Creepy Patriotic Latex MaskCreepy Patriotic latex mask from the Urban Mask line. Creepy Patriotic is made with reinforced latex and with a unique design, inspired by suspense movies, this mask is perfect for any event or party and the best thing is that it can be combined with any outfit since it is designed for urban use and for this reason. The same reason is that it has a perfect fit with a spring-type strap and customized by ghoulish productions, the appearance of this mask is worrying and at the same time it is gloomy, without a doubt creepy patriotic is a mask that you cannot leave aside.Made and painted by hand in Mexico with a completely handmade process. High Quality, Durability and Original Design by Ghoulish Productions .

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