HorrorHub is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of horror merchandise to connect in one place. HorrorHub will feature products from the casual artist, to industry professionals to horror icons.

It’s FREE to sign up. List your products and get paid!

Our goal is to create a reliable and convenient online marketplace for everything Horror. Buyers and sellers are protected with secure transactions.

With the uncertainties of in person conventions this year there is no better time to bring everyone together in one spot. The vendors that rely on the revenue from conventions like TransWorld, Midwest Haunters, Maskfest, Monsterpalooza and many more now have a platform to reach their target market.

The benefit of a multi-vendor marketplace is the same benefit that you would receive from attending a large convention, minus the booth costs…CROSS PROMOTION! We do the marketing for you. List your products next to some of the biggest names in the horror industry.

Sellers will enjoy the convenience of our innovative vendor dashboard. From there you can list products, manage inventory, run sales reports, integrate with your social media, print shipping labels, and so much more.