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Give your customers a unique and unexpected experience at your holiday attraction and events! No body has seen a pipe organ with fire before! Your customers will share videos of the Flame Thrower Pipe Organ with all their friends on social media, giving you valuable advertising by word of mouth! The first Flame Thrower Pipe Organ used in a Halloween Attraction is at the Haunted River in Menan Idaho. The Organ got them so much publicity that they doubled their Halloween attendance, and tripled their Christmas event attendance! Wow your customers and increase your business!



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The Patent Pending, Flame Thrower Pipe Organ designed and manufactured by Elkins Engineering LLC, is an imitation pipe organ that uses real propane flame effects! The Pipes you see are only there to give the look of a real pipe organ, while concealing the flame effect components inside. The Organ sound itself is produced by the digital keyboard through an amplifier. The advantage of this design offers is it will produce consistent and reliable flame effects instantly with the press of a key, while also producing a rich pipe organ tone as you play it! You’re playing music with fire!


Since these Organs are built to order, they are customizable to a degree. I.e. different colors, more or less pipes, etc. The one shown in the pictures above is a 36 pipe organ, that one is priced at $40,000. Price may vary for customization.

For the 36 pipe organ, the footprint is 8.5 ft. by 5.5 ft. When the Organ is set up for performance, the tallest pipe is about 8ft tall. The flames produced are 3 to 4 ft tall, making the tallest flame about 12 ft in height! It is recommended that this be operated outside, but if you have a big enough building you can also safely operate it indoors.

These organs are built to be user friendly! The pipes can collapse down from 8ft to about 6ft tall for easy transport and storage! They are also on wheels so they can be moved around with ease. There are 4 scissor jacks on each corner to level and stabilize it! There is also a safety switch behind the keyboard that disables power to the pipes, so there will be no flame effects when the keyboard is played. Use this switch to disable the organ when the operator is not immediately next to the keyboard, or to build anticipation with prelude music without flame effects. Under the pipes on the back of the organ is a power strip with extra outlets to plug in whatever extra effects or props you want, such as fog machines, lighting, or more speakers.
The organ operates on 110v, and only needs to be plugged into one outlet with an extension cord! It uses 2 propane tanks that are connected at two points on the back of the organ with long hoses to keep the tanks at a safe distance from the flame effects. All you have to do is just Plug n’ Play! Two 20lbs tanks will last 4-8 hours depending on how heavily the organ is played.

The Flame Thrower Pipe Organ comes with everything you need to operate!
For US. customers, Your purchase of a Flame Thrower Pipe Organ includes,
-Two 20lbs Propane tanks with hoses.
-FIVE fire extinguishers! Two class 2-A. Two class 2-A 10-B:C, and one class 1-A 10-B:C. Safety First!
-Yamaha P-125 keyboard with dust cover.
-A Kustom Amplifier.
-Gas leak detector. (For safety inspections)
-Touch up paint for any scratches that may occur.
-Corded drill with socket and hand wrench to raise and lower the scissor jacks and pipes.

For Foreign customers you will receive everything mentioned above, however some carriers may not ship pressurized containers such as the propane tanks or fire extinguishers.

CUSTOMERS ARE REQUIRED TO COVER ALL SHIPPING COSTS. THESE COSTS ARE DEPENDENT UPON THE DESTINATION. As for shipping, the only option available for US buyers in the lower 48 states is local pick up. You could come to pick it up yourself, or hire a freight company of your choice. Another Option is to hire Elkins Engineering LLC to bring it directly to you ourselves. Email us for inquiries! All buyers outside of the US mainland will have to arrange special accommodations for shipping.

In it’s current configuration, the Flame Thrower Pipe Organ cannot play itself, it requires a musician. However, if you have a keyboard, computer or synthesizer that can synchronize MIDI events with tones/music, you can plug those into the control box in the back of the organ and it will play itself!

For any more questions contact us at ElkinsEngineeringLLC@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Shipping Countries: United States (US)

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