Ryan Murphy is diving into another story about reviled monsters, and if you thought American Horror Story and Ratched were gut-churning, they’re nothing compared to what the super-producer is preparing next. This March Netflix announced Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Evan Peters (American Horror Story, WandaVision) will play the title character in Ryan Murphy and Netflix’s limited series. The 10-episode series will span the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s. It will chronicle Dahmer’s story largely from the point of view of his victims.

The series will focus on at least 10 different times when Dahmer was almost captured by authorities before ultimately being allowed to walk free and continue his reign of terror.

What makes Dahmer’s case so deeply shocking isn’t just how brutally he dismembered his victims. It’s how often Dahmer was taken into police custody during his murder spree yet allowed get away. That truly chilling yet often unexplored element of this case is what Monster will cover.

We already know who Murphy’s Dahmer is, and he picked a good one. American Horror Story favorite Evan Peters will be playing the notorious serial killer.

Additionally, Niecy Nash (Scream Queens) looks as if she’s set to star as the hero of this shockingly true story. Nash will play Glenda Cleveland, one of Dahmer’s neighbors who repeatedly called police and the FBI to alert them of Dahmer’s disturbing behavior.

Penelope Ann Miller and Richard Jenkins will play Dahmer’s mother Joyce and father Lionel. Colin Ford (Daybreak) will be playing a character only known as Chazz. Shaun J. Brown will play Dahmer’s last victim Tracy Edwards, who managed to escape and lead cops to Dahmer’s apartment, resulting in his arrest

With all of the different roles Evan Peters has done, there’s no doubt he’ll nail his performance as Jeffrey Dahmer! Peters will do amazing and with Ryan Murphy at the helm, it will surely be a series you won’t want to miss!

We can likely expect Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story to premiere sometime in 2022.

Are you up for Netflix & Ryan Murphy’s new Jeffrey Dahmer limited series?