When it comes to the perfect Halloween costume, what really sells it is the head. Sure, the body and clothes are important, but if you did a lousy makeup job or have on a third-rate mask then you’re going to ruin the suspension of belief. There will be no winning of costume contests or scaring small children for you, but rather eye rolls, pitying chuckles, and maybe even a grimace if your mask is especially abysmal. So it stands to reason that if you want to be the talk of the Monster Ball, you need to have a particularly good head piece to stand out from the crowd.

So, makeup or mask? When it comes to using makeup, it has to be believable. If you’re a TikTok superstar creating viral makeup and special effects videos on a daily basis then you’re likely set. But if you’re not, or if you just don’t have the time to spend dealing with liquid latex and fake blood, then acquiring a high-quality mask is likely your best route. Masks are a fantastic option because you let the pros do all the hard work and you get to wear their terrifying results. Also, the artistry behind quality masks is just getting better and more realistic (which means bigger scares). Plus there are tons of options to choose from: aliens, demons, zombies, ghouls, evil nuns, swamp creatures, werewolves, and so much more. 

If a high-quality Halloween mask sounds like the right option for you this October, then check out these ten show-stopping masks before your next party!

UV Pink Alien Mask

UV Pink Alien Mask by HorrorHub

Pose as an extraterrestrial visitor from beyond the stars with this pink, hooded, bulbous-eyed mask. The best part? It glows in UV light. This latex mask utilizes an elastic strap and rotting hood to help keep the wearer comfortable and prevent the mask from shifting on the wearer’s head. The plastic eyes snap fit into the eye sockets. Hand poured, painted and assembled in the US. This UV black light reactive pink alien variation is a limited run HorrorHub brand exclusive.

Manwolf Werewolf Mask

Manwolf Werewolf Mask by Zagone Studios, LLC

There’s a bad moon rising and it’s calling out your inner animal. Feed the dark side with this Hybrid Man/Wolf mask of a man becoming a werewolf with special blood treatment. The mask is made from high-quality latex and depicts the character post-transformation. A fur collar and fur gloves are also available if you really want to complete the look (plaid shirt not included). Mask created by Zagone Studios, LLC.

Bog Zombie

Bog Zombie mask by SavageSilicone.

They’re coming to get you Barbara, and by they we mean the bob zombies. This silicone mask is frighteningly realistic and even comes with hard resin teeth. The company also offers custom paint-jobs at no extra cost, and you can leave paint notes in the order comments or contact them to talk about what you would like. The full head is mesh, and it’s currently available now in “Bruised Leather”, “Nightshade Purple,” and “Crispy the Clown”. Mask created by SavageSilicone.

Crazy Jack Clown Mask

Crazy Jack Clown Mask by Ghoulish Productions

Clowns are never not scary, and this particular mask is quite chilling with its pasty skin, bleeding grin, and stringy green hair. Looking like a nightmare straight from the carnival, you may be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and form-fitting this latex mask is. Mask created by Ghoulish Productions.

Official Aunt Donna Face Mask

Official Aunt Donna Face Mask by PrettyGirlProducts

This is a pretty special plastic mask. Not only is it disturbing, with it’s gaping mouth and bloody sores, but it’s a limited run that was designed and made by horror effects legends Jason Baker and Tom Savinni! You can buy just the mask, or you can purchase a bundle that also includes a button, sticker, hand-written note, and signed photo from Aunt Donna. Mask created by PrettyGirlProducts.

Jack Mask

Jack Mask by Brocksmith Designs

Introducing the new resin cast Jack! Risen from the grave of Ichabod himself, Jack’s back and out for revenge. The launch of Brocksmith Design’s resin variation of Jack is exclusive to HorrorHub Marketplace, and at a fraction of the cost of the premium fiberglass version. Please note: HorrorHub Marketplace is not responsible for any entities that may or may not be attached to said mask. Jack is a resin cast mask and strapped with bourbon brown leather and dead brass hardware. Every piece is signed by the artist on the interior of the mask. Mask created by Brocksmith Designs.

Chuckles Mask

Chuckles Mask by Wicked Wall Masks

If you’re really looking to make a splash on the Halloween scene, check out the garishly vibrant masks from Wicked Wall. This one in particular is kind of like Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but much scarier (that jaw, those teeth!). This is a wearable mask created by Stephen Scholan, who makes them one at a time in his studio. His masks are individually handmade and casted from impact resistant urethane. It will come with a 1.5″ wide elastic cloth strap, snap buckle, and inside padding. Mask created by by Wicked Wall Masks.

Double Headed Wendigo Mask

Double Headed Wendigo Mask by Morbid Monstrosities

Have you ever watched The Ritual and wished you could dress up like the Jötunn from the film? Well, this is probably the closest you’ll get. Look like a two-headed freak of nature with this horrifying headpiece! A comfortable yet durable latex mask that’s the perfect addition to any haunt or costume. It’s a terrifying beast from folklore and nightmare, what more could you want? Mask created by Morbid Monstrosities

Cornfield Stalker

Cornfield Stalker Mask by Wicked Dream Studios

Like a decaying, undead version of the Scarecrow, this Halloween is sure to scare off more than just crows. It looks something like a Jack O’Lantern that has become sentient, donned an old burlap sack, and begun killing people. Each mask is handmade with premium latex and features a scary attention to detail, along with actual rope for the stitching. Mask created by by Wicked Dream Studios.

Goat to Hell Mask

Goat to Hell Mask by Zagone Studios, LLC

Can’t decide between dressing up as a devil or a goat? With this mask you can do both! This satanic goat mask has a latex front which is held secure by a 1 inch elastic strap. The Gray Frost synthetic hair trim and synthetic hood finish the look. In fact, the mask alone can function as a complete costume. Hand poured, painted and assembled in the US, this mask features great fit and visibility. Mask created by Zagone Studios, LLC.