11 Must-Haves for Horror Fans

Hand Made ouija Board

Are you a fright fiend who lives for the macabre and bizarre? Do you enjoy impressing friends and scaring family with your collection of oddities? Perhaps you often post pictures of the latest handmade skull or horrifying art print you’ve purchased. What it all boils down to is: do you live and breath all things horror?

If you at all feel a connection to what you just read, then the Horror Hub Marketplace is your kind of online shop. Right now we have hundreds of horror-related items from dozens of different vendors. With everything from clothing and costumes to bone art, beverages, decor and more, our marketplace is sure to provide something to fit everyone’s tastes and preferences.

If you simply feel like browsing, or want a taste of what Horror Hub has to offer, we’ve put together a list of interesting and eye-catching products available right now! So read on to learn more about eleven items that will complete any horror lover’s life.

Hell Raiser Oiuja Board from Charred Macabre

Hell Raiser Ouija Board

First up is this incredible ouija board decorated with characters from the Hellraiser film. Summon spirits in style with a board engraved with cenobites and a planchette that features Pinhead himself. This ouija board is 12 x 16 inches and all parts are handmade. The images are burnt into the wood and varnished to a high standard. Get yours now from Charred Macabre. Worried about summoning a demon, don’t be we got some tips to tell you what not to do with a ouija board.

Personalized Video from Doug Bradley

Personalized Video from Doug Bradley

And speaking of Pinhead, how cool would it be to send a personalized video from the man behind the makeup himself: English actor and author Doug Bradly! Not only is Doug hosting a podcast on the Horror Hub Twitch channel, but he’s also creating video messages for fans. You write out the message and he will deliver it with his trademark cool gravitas. Please note, Doug Bradley reserves the right to alter or deny any video requests. No business or endorsement requests will be completed. Place your order now on the Horror Hub Marketplace.

NECRONOMiCON Army of Darkness Journal

NECRONOMiCON Army of Darkness Journal from Momento Mori

You may be bad…but you’ll feel good with this handmade Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in your arsenal. It’s The Book of the Dead!! It is also a small-sized, lined and fully functional journal. Sculpted with clay and painted to recreate the infamous and iconic Book of the Dead from the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness franchise. Hail to the king, Baby! Created by Momento Mori. Curious about the history of the Necronomicon, out friends at Puzzle Box have you covered.

Monarch Butterfly Bobcat Skull Shadow Box

Monarch Butterfly Bobcat Skull Shadow Box from Dark Mourning Oddities

How cool is this shadow box? It’s simply stunning with its gorgeous colors and striking design. This piece has a Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) from the US on a hand painted matching bobcat skull. There are also small animal leg bones as accents. It is all laid out on faux black snakeskin leather in a 10inX10in shadow box. Order one now from Dark Mourning Oddities.

Frank the Rabbit Donnie Darko Magnets

Frank the Rabbit Donnie Darko Magnets from Wicked Wall Masks

We’re absolutely obsessed with these magnets featuring Frank the Rabbit from the Donnie Darko movie! The magnet was created by the artist Stephen Scholan. It is casted in resin and measures 4½x2¼ inches. On the back is a strong Neodymium magnet with an 8.5lb pull. The seller also has a variety of other cool magnets, including sphinxes, Cheshire cats, raven skulls, poisoned mushrooms, and even Cthulhu. Check out the all these and more from Wicked Wall Masks.

Robert Englund’s Stay Awake Blend

Robert Englund’s Stay Awake Blend from Dead Sled Coffee.

No bad dreams with Robert Englund’s Stay Awake Blend! This Officially Licensed coffee is a perfect blend of a high-quality single-origin Robusta Vietnamese coffee and a blend of Arabica beans from South America. All of which are ground down to a Turkish-style grind. Robusta coffee is the traditional bean of Vietnam and has nearly twice the caffeine of Arabica coffee beans. The finely ground blend of the Vietnamese Robusta and South American blend allows not only a bolder flavor but a naturally stronger caffeine content so you can STAY AWAKE and stay safe from the King of Nightmares. For those of you who prefer the whole bean, you do have the option to get the blend in the whole bean and then choose your own grind level. Order now from Dead Sled Coffee.

Odin Seer Skull

Odin Seer Skull from Zane Wylie Skulls

This ornate decorative piece is a replica of a real human skull, intricately carved by Zane Wylie. The skull is covered with Viking imagery complete with Odin, his ravens, his wolves and a replica of a real viking relic in the forehead. This is sure to be a talking point in any home, and it would look great on your mantle or bookshelf. Get one now from Zane Wylie Skulls.

Urban Legend Post Cards: Minnesota Wendigo

Urban Legend Post Cards: Minnesota Wendigo from Puzzle Box Horror.

This 4″ by 6″ postcard features original art of the Minnesota Wendigo, and is part of a series on urban legends. According to lore, the Wendigo was “… a large creature, as tall as a tree, with a lipless mouth and jagged teeth. Its breath was a strange hiss, its footprints full of blood, and it ate any man, woman, or child who ventured into its territory”. Read more about the Minnesota Wendigo at Puzzle Box Horror, or purchase a postcard here.

Bride of Frankenstein VHS Lamp

Bride of Frankenstein VHS Lamp from Murder Mart.

It’s alive! This item is perfect for fans who are nostalgic about old school horror and the days of VHS tapes. The handmade lamp is made from the original tape cassette of the film The Bride of Frankenstein, and features green glowing lights to match the film’s artwork. It’s truly a great gift for any lover of retro VHS tapes or classic horror! Available now from Murder Mart.

Beetlejuice Leather Coffin Purse

Beetlejuice Leather Coffin Purse from Inked Native Leather

This bag is perfect for the Beetlejuice fan in your life! Handmade leather coffin-shaped purse with matte black hardware, this bag is very sturdy and keeps its shape. It uses a turn clasp style closure that is both unique and functional. The strap is made from heavy duty chain and it still amazingly comfortable and lightweight. It is perfectly sized to fit all the necessities. This bag is lined with a soft and supple purple pigskin suede. Get yours now from Inked Native Leather.

Flame Thrower Pipe Organ

Flame Thrower Pipe Organ from Elkins Engineering LLC

Okay, so this probably isn’t a practical item for most people…but we like to think everyone could use a giant flaming organ in their lives. The Flame Thrower Pipe Organ designed and manufactured by Elkins Engineering LLC, is an imitation pipe organ that uses real propane flame effects! The Pipes you see are only there to give the look of a real pipe organ, while concealing the flame effect components inside. The Organ sound itself is produced by the digital keyboard through an amplifier. The advantage of this design offers is it will produce consistent and reliable flame effects instantly with the press of a key, while also producing a rich pipe organ tone as you play it! You’re playing music with fire! To get all the details visit Elkins Engineering LLC.

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